Closing Observations

  • Some things I would want to see before I get long this market is a down opening in the morning with heavy put buying following.
  • Some Dow 8,000 price targets would be nice as well, but it's not a necessity.
  • Earlier I said "I would love nothing more than to build a portfolio of stocks, collect dividends and watch the portfolio grow. However, we are still in a Bear Market and someone has to pay to keep the lights on." To that I was reminded to add that I need money for shoes and pocketbooks as well.
  • I am happy to see GE down. I think the fact that they asked to be added to the "no short" list was disgraceful. They are supposed to be the top company in the World. Concentrate on running your business properly and the stock price will take care of itself.
  • Have a good night.

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